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Future Software "Offline" Message Alarms Community

(3/30/2001) Future Software Webmaster Jorden Chamid keeps an eager community updated on the fate of his site, the most popular QBasic site ever made.

Determined to keep the QB community together, Jorden is hard at work to keep Future Software alive.

Future Software, the most visited QB programmer and gamer's site by hit volume and by reputation, is currently being put under the ultimate test. A message from Future Software webmaster Jorden Chamid best explains the popular QB download site's current peril:

"I think I am going with since they seem to have a fair deal. I don't have many other possibilities...our current server is closing down in a week, and I need about 6 MB for and 309 for So... I will need to be looking for a giant webhosting company ... for a reasonable price ... that allows at least 10 subdomains and pop3 email addresses ... a lot of bandwidth monthly...

"I think it's currently too hard. With a little bit of luck, I might get a deal on and host the whole site there. But, if gets too much datatraffic, we'll not be there for long."

Upon writing this, the message boards at Future Software erupted with suggestions to help Jorden find a cost-efficient hosting company for Future Software. This will not be easy, as Future Software hosts over 1000 QB files for download, including several utilities and literally hundreds of game and game demos.

Jorden Chamid used the Future Software Discussion Boards to keep everybody posted about the status of the Future Software site, to see if downtime would be necessary while moving the Future Software site to it's new server. In a later post, Jorden writes:

"Marcade has generously offered to host the whole Future Software site temporary, if needed. I have asked the server administrator to keep the server up until Eednesday at least. This will give me a few days to get with a new hosting company.

"Coming Saturday, I will try to get the WebPower plan from This plan offers 100 MB, so that's quite some MB short for the sites. To solve this, there is an offer from JQB45 (thank you!) to host some files for me. I don't even think I need that, since I still have at least 2 active hypermart accounts, 50 MB each. I'll just upload a ton of tiles to those, I might even get a new one as well. This will also solve the 10 GB transfer limit on that account. If we still exceed that, which I doubt if 50% of the files is on hypermart, I'll just move the rest of the files as well.

"Well that's about all I have to say...I guess. I'll probably order the WebPower plan on site5 on saturday, so I can start uploading soon, I can change the DNS then and by the time the old server will be going down, everything will be working on the new one."

A third post on the discussion board from Jorden reveals success with his plan: 

"Everything seems to be *even faster* than on this server. I constantly get 80+ kbps when UPLOADING! Anyway, basically all stuff has been uploaded and configured, except for 150 MB for the files. I still need to upload all other subdomains, but those can wait a few days =)

"It's really a lot of work, moving a set of such big websites. It's not just uploading, it's also updating the files (like the newsposter) and configuring the CGI and data files, changing paths and such."

According to these posts, Future Software should be able to successfully transfer to a new server while having very minimal downtime, if any at all. This is great news for everyone who plays or programs QB games because Future Software has been a critical hub for QB discussion for the last two or three years. People literally go to the site just to talk with the people who regularly visit there, and with literally hundreds of thousands of links in it's support, Future Software has literally become the blood of QB on the Internet.

The actions Jorden took were very efficient and he was very quick with providing responses to the concerned QB community, including the people here at V Planet! QuickBasic Magazine. Along with Neozones Productions and, Future Software has been one component of the original big four websites. The financial battle shown during the last two days shows that Future Software is not only versatile because of it's very high readership, but it also shows that it's webmaster is worthy of having such readership. With a near tragedy averted, we wish the best of luck to Jorden Chamid while Future Software is transferred to it's new service.

Article by Vance Velez, Editor

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