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V Planet Knocked Back By Politics

(11/23/2000) V Planet Managing Editor Vance Velez gets knocked out by a week-long cold, causing a setback in V Planet's schedule.

Hey gamers, QBShire at the helm again. It's kind of a strange feeling right now, because November is a pretty strong month for most QB magazines. The second issue of QBasic Gamer, Terry Cavanagh's publication, was released. QB Cult Magazine has returned from the summer break with a release this month, and they're doing better than ever. And QB sites like Pigeon's GBGames and Master Creating have finished re-construction projects. QB sites are active and the QB community has never been busier.

In comparison, V Planet this month has had one of it's slower months to date, with only four articles in the archive this month. There isn't even an appropriate Site Report, which is a shame because there really is a lot of action happening from our QB affiliates. But right now V Planet has a slightly bigger problem in it's hands, and in some platonic way it relates directly to the U.S. Election.

V Planet Managing Editor Vance Velez, who writes many of the articles for V Planet! QB Magazine, has caught a stress-related cold. The stress is related to two main factors: one, it's almost time for Vance's College Finals, and second, Vance is a passionate George W. Bush supporter. Ever since Election night, when George was declared by the media as President-elect and then having that refuted, Vance has never been the same. He feels very passionately about politics and hopes that a winner will be chosen between Bush or Gore as quickly as possible. In the meantime, he continues to cough and hack, catch up with his homework first, and then restore himself to his position as Managing Editor once again.

The situation has left V Planet in a bind, but it is a temporary one. Thanks to the support of AlienQB and Jeremy Hammond, more articles have been added for this update. HotTaco, being a Republican in his own right, has also distributed his new Entertainment site of the month. And it's my job as Editor to manage the process while our Managing Editor lays in the bed. So while the update doesn't seem so intense this month, we promise to at least keep you up to date on what's up in other QB sites with a good site report this December.

In the meantime, power politics can be tough. While everyone in the V Planet crew is united in our relentless support for QuickBasic and its games, we are quite divided politically. Vance and HotTaco are Republican supporters, while AlienQB and I are Democrats. Then there's Jeremy Hammond, our Communist friend. It's kind of neat; if you consider all the different political parties at work here you can be assured that no matter what your political affiliation, V Planet will support you.

QB forever!


Editior, V Planet! QuickBasic Magazine

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