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V Planet (
The first 100% QuickBasic game Review magazine

Leave it to EvilBeaver

(11/23/2000) We talk with QBCM Editor EvilBeaver about QB, power politics, and how QB Cult Magazine is back and in full motion since the summer break.

When QB magazines stop updating, they generally never come back. Usually they'll flicker for a few months, show some brief signs of life, then totally disappear. But such is not the case for QB Cult Magazine. After a transitory period in the summertime in which the Editor position at QB Cult Magazine was passed from Matthew R. Knight to EvilBeaver, QB: Cult Magazine has returned and is fully revamped for regular monthly releases in the Fall.

During this summer break though, a lot of big events have happened to the QB community. Among them include the departure of Lost socK Software and Lutasarts Productions, as well as the run of the 2000 QB Expo. What better way to inaugurate Evilbeaver, then, than to have an interview with him about his views on these summer events? We sent V Planet Web Technician Jeremy Hammond to hear out Evilbeaver. Here's what the new man behind QB Cult Magazine has to say:

V Planet: First off, I'd like to thank you for taking the time to do this interview.

EvilBeaver: Hehe. It's no problem. I just don't want to miss too much of the show. Heh.

V Planet: What took so long for issue #5 of QBCM to be released?

EvilBeaver: That's a long story. I will still tell you though... what happened was, near the end of July, I had almost finished Issue #5. But for some strange reason, Windows decided to throw one hell of a hissy-fit. My modem stopped working (it's a Winmodem, what do you expect), and I was unable to have the problem fixed until I moved to my current location. About a week after my return, I got issue #5 back on the go, and released it a week after that.

V Planet: *cough* Get a Mac *cough* What plans have you got for the future of QBCM?

EvilBeaver: If I told you, I would have to kill you. (Just kidding) Actually... we have library reviews beginning sometime in the near future. A little less on the game reviews, and naturally, a hell of a lot more articles, tutorials, and columns. Actually, starting in issue #7 (coming out on December 1), Darkdread begins a new column. QbProgger begins one in issue #8.

V Planet: Sounds cool. Over the past few months, dedicated QB sites like Lutasarts Productions and Lost socK Software have been closing down. Do you feel that this is a sign of QB losing popularity? If so, what do you think needs to change for qb to regain it's popularity?

EvilBeaver: No, it's not a loss of popularity. QB is still quite popular, and many of the former members of these groups still exist in the community. Actually, I talk to Nekrophidius of Lost socK (and his wife) quite a bit on efnet, and now with qbcc coming out (as part of the project, i have to say this is a plug) we will see more qb programmers, from other operating systems like bsd and Linux.

V Planet: People seem to be moving on from the standard QB RPG to other kinds of games/programs. What do you think we will see more of?

EvilBeaver: There's still some RPGs in production. My group Blaklight software (, also making cgi scripts, etc) is making an RPG. We are also doing a hexmap strategy, and personally, I'm making a file utility. So, I would have to say a little less games, and more utilities, etc. will be showing up.

V Planet: Who do you think is the man of the century for QB and why?

EvilBeaver: I would not know. I just would not know. Probably Darkdread.

V Planet: He has inspired quite a many people to make RPGs. What projects do you think had the biggest impact on the QB community?

EvilBeaver: Legend of Lith 2, and his other classic QBRPGs. I loved playing them.

V Planet: What are your thoughts about the QB Expo?

EvilBeaver: Looks cool, been there a few times. But it's impossible to go through. Poor design. But if you ask me, some elbow grease is all it needs.

V Planet: Do you believe in God?

EvilBeaver: Yes, no, doesn't make a difference. I don't know what I believe, but I know I believe something.

V Planet: When you're not working on the next issue of QBCM, what do you do in your spare time?

EvilBeaver: Watching TV, coding, stuff like that.

V Planet: What do you watch on TV?

EvilBeaver: Babylon 5, Star Trek (original series, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager), The Simpsons, Ned's Newt, MASH, I Dream of Jeanie, Bewitched, etc.

V Planet: Yeah, The Simpsons are great. Say, do you know what Joe Quimby's liscense plate says?

EvilBeaver: No, I don't, do you?

V Planet: Yeah, it says "I RULE U." Do you think we can benefit from a worldly communistic society?

EvilBeaver: Yes. I do. Actually, not communistic as in the implementations of communism as we've seen it on earth so far. My ideals are for a much more ideal communism where we can keep free speech, etc. I'm actually subscribing to the Communist Manifesto.

V Planet: I completely agree with you. Most people would say you're nuts or something because they would think of Stalin's "communism" which was more of a monarchy. What websites do you commonly visit?

EvilBeaver: Game Developer's Conference, Neozones, Slashdot, Sourceforge, lurker's guide to b5, Future Software, etc.

V Planet: Whats your favorite band?

EvilBeaver: Incubus. Radiohead. Deftones. Actually, all three take top place.

V Planet: Yeah, the Deftones are great. It's safe to say rap music, in all it's forms, sucks, right?

EvilBeaver: I like some rap. Eminem, Dre, but that's about it. Most rap does suck, because it's by the rap equivalents of boy and girl bands.

V Planet: Ick. I hate rap... it's completely talentless and it symbolizes nothing... rock music is rebellious in nature and usually sends out messages but there's only emptiness in rap... anyway, that's just my opinion. Bush or Gore?

EvilBeaver: Bush or Gore? Screw them. Nader's my man, if i were American. Actually, here in Canada, I don't know the leader of the party I am supporting - Canadian action party.

V Planet: Nader would make a good president, but remember all the people who voted for Nader, but who would otherwise vote for Gore, cost Gore the election because there would be no doubt that Gore would win if the Nader people voted for Gore instead. So if you vote for Nader, you are essentially voting for Bush. Oh well... thanks for taking the time to do this interview.

EvilBeaver: I couldnt vote anyway! I'm Canadian! And don't tell me this is over already!

V Planet: I could ask more questions about religion...

EvilBeaver: No thanks.

V Planet: Okay then, thanks for taking the time to do this interview =)

EvilBeaver: You're welcome.

Interview by Jeremy Hammond

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