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AlienQB Rides Into the Sunset

(4/16/2001) A little popular here and there, the main man behind QB sites like AlienQB's QB Dungeon,, and the QB Portal leaves the QB community with his head held high.

This is a picture of a map that AlienQB constructed through the Counterstrike map editor. We're assuming that the guy to the left is AlienQB himself.

One of the truly original QB journalists, AlienQB, has retired from the QB community.

After working at V Planet for six months (during which he submitted one game review and two articles), AlienQB has decided to move on from QuickBasic and go into other aspects of the PC gaming world. He is currently composing maps that are compatible with the popular PC games Half- Life and Counterstrike, to which he invites his friends for a slaughtering.

Among the QB community, people will remember AlienQB for his contributions in QB journalism and game reviews. AlienQB's first QB site, AlienQB's QB Dungeon, was one of V Planet's favorite sites for arcade game reviews and reports. AlienQB's QB Dungeon gradually progressed into Dark Legends Software, then finally to the QB Portal. Ironically, Dark Legends would be the current home of AlienQB's supply of Half Life and Counterstrike: Day of Defeat maps.

It was then that AlienQB decided to step down from the captain's chair and join the crew at V Planet as a freelance writer. His article in V Planet, "The End of MS-DOS?", still remains one of the most talked about QB articles in V Planet of all time. He also wrote a game preview for Crazy Balls, a game V Planet has yet to review.

As AlienQB gave the final word ensuring everyone at V Planet that it was time for him to move on from V Planet and the QB community, we all had one final discussion, reminisced about the good old days of QB, then wished him well. We did get a closing statement from AlienQB that he requested to be quoted in this article. Perhaps what AlienQB says about himself best summarizes how QuickBasic has been for him and for many people. 

He says, "QBasic was an era of my life when it was my life. Nothing else mattered, and I feel that a part of me has been lost now. QBasic will always be close to my heart. Keep it alive for me. This is AlienQB for VPlanet, signing off." 

Article written by Vance Velez, Editor

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