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Clockwerk Productions Interview Part 1 

(5/19/2000) The developers of The Morikun Tale speak out about the thrilling artwork that's shaping up for their first RPG.

Kurai, the main character in Clockwerk Production's The Morikun Tale.

Nowadays, the competition to make the best QBRPG is getting stiffer and stiffer, with games having to score more at least 20 points out of 35 to make it into the Top Ten spot in our Top RPG list. That being said, the top ten list is dominated by QB coding groups that have established themselves, including CMC Productions, the PHAT Kids, Darkness Ethereal, Lost socK Software, and Mike Hoopmann. The only two exceptions to this rule so far are Skysoft and Random Projects, whose RPGs in the list are their first released QBRPGs.

Yet, the second generation of QBRPG developers are determined to make an impact on this list. With new technologies and the knowledge of QBRPGs past, Clockwerk Productions is one such company planning to strike on the Top QBRPGs with their anticipated RPG, The Morikun Tale.

The game, which is still in development, is currently being headed by a staff of five people. We spoke with one of these people, Ravengoth, about some of TMT's mechanics and what we can expect from what is shaping up to be a big RPG project.

V Planet: Okay, first question. Tell me about Clockwerk's first RPG.

Ravengoth: Our first project is called the Morikun Tale (TMT), it's a story about a young artist named Kurai. Kurai has been chosen by the spirit of the forest to battle beasts of all types to free her from a demon.

V Planet: A demon, sounds like a clever antagonist. Paint me a picture about this demon (or what you can reveal about him at this time).

Ravengoth: The demon is pretty much a spirit. But spirits must almost always take the form of a human or animal. In this case, the spirithas taken the form of a powerful ruler named Dorobokin.

V Planet: Where does the wind spirit of the forest originate?

Ravengoth: The forest spirit, Mori, is the spirit of the trees. She dwells among her fairie minions in the forest of Morikun. The fairies do her bidding, so it is a fairy who first brings Kurai the notion that he has been chosen.

V Planet: She sounds pretty powerful. I read from your site that Morikun Tale has multiple character support. Will Mori join your party?

Ravengoth: No, Mori is an NPC. But I have been thinking that Mori's daughter may join. Of course, the only that can happen is by a spirit entering the body of a human being. Possibly a fallen companion :) *wink wink*

V Planet: This sounds like it's going to have some love story elements like FF8.

Ravengoth: Yes it will, but not without other elements as well. The trick to a love story is to add distractions until love is finally revealed.

V Planet: I see it's going to be a pretty deep plot... I don't want to give a lot of it away, but I would like to know more about the place you created where all the action will take place.

Ravengoth: Well, the world that the Morikun Tale will take place is very diverse. There will be many types of terrain in which Kurai and his friends must venture. Such as mountains, forests, molten volcanoes, and such.

V Planet: Any particular style you had in mind in making the artwork? Gothic? Medevil? Japanimation?... stuff like that?

Ravengoth: We are going for the cute Japanese cartoon style, much like the Seiken Densetsu series. Backgrounds may go as far as Sierra Adventure game style. But the characters will be Japanese anime.

V Planet: More like King's Quest than Leisure Suit Larry I suppose :)

Ravengoth: Yes, my personal favorite Sierra game is King's Quest 5. But as we are using a tile-based engine, we will not be going as complex as Sierra. But we can try to emulate what Sierra has accomplished in their beautiful backgrounds.

V Planet: How complex will the battle sequence and gameplay elements be within the game, assuming these elements exist in TMT?

Ravengoth: Battle sequences are still a major conflict in Clockwerk. We are trying to find a midpoint between Final Fantasy's strategic battle style, and Seiken Densetsu's fun-loving action style.

V Planet: What are you sure the battle sequence will have?

Ravengoth: If we are to stick with the compromise amongst the creative minds in Clockwerk, we will have a stamina bar to regulate strategic timing. Also, full control over the character in battle is a must, much like Chrono Trigger for the SNES, but with Zelda's full movement abilities.

V Planet: Okay. Now I'd like to shift the conversation a little towards some V Planet related stuff, if that's okay.

Ravengoth: Yes, go ahead. :)

V Planet: Two events are coming up from V Planet, the QB Expo and the 2nd Annual Gaming Gold Awards.

Ravengoth: Ah... yes I have received a QB Expo notice. I am anxious to show off what Clockwerk has accomplished so far.

V Planet: Excellent, I'll put your project page together with my own bare hands if I have to :)

Ravengoth: I can help if you want :)

V Planet: The second event is the QB Gaming Golds. TMT shows a lot of promise for some of the awards, including Best RPG, and there's always the Best Gaming Hunk and Best Gaming Babe award. Have you been setting up TMT to win any award in particular?

Ravengoth: No, TMT is a project that was started to show everyone that Quickbasic is not a weak language. We want to keep QBasic alive :)

V Planet: What are your favorite QB games to play right now?

Ravengoth: I am a classic gamer. I like to play Nibbles LOL Also, I am quite fond of 
LordQBasic's work. Have you heard of Syraphage?

V Planet: Yes, I have. Very Secret of Mana-ish.

Ravengoth: Yes it is... I won't reveal any secrets about his new work. But man, it looks like he is gonna beat us up as far as awards go. Clockwerk is not very competitive, we pretty much still to ourselves. Although, we do know that our work is of high quality. Oh yeah, did I tell you about the music in the game?

V Planet: No, you haven't.

Ravengoth: We are working on Midis, we have 4 so far. Tavern music, Fairy music, and two miscellaneous.

V Planet: All original?

Ravengoth: Of course :) We don't steal anything, not even fonts.

V Planet: When can we expect TMT to be finished or highly playable?

Ravengoth: In about two months we should have a demo ready, but I won't set any dates. We have a playable demo now, but it's only a character walking around on a map. We have several apps that we have to merge together to make a truly playable demo. Menus, battles, that sort of stuff. :) It shouldn't be hard to do though. We have two excellent programmers.

V Planet: They probably have some high credentials.

Ravengoth: Our main programmer is Andrew Barber. He and I formed Clockwerk because I am a crappy programmer (but a good artist) LOL

V Planet: (Laughs) Okay, last question. What aspects of The Morikun Tale are you really trying to accentuate on, so that when the product is finally complete somebody will play your game and say, "Wow! I can't believe they did this!"

Ravengoth: Personally, graphics to me are essential. But I am only one part of a perfectly formulated team. Gameplay to them is yet much more important. I agree with them to a point. As an artist I must be enveloped in a world of supreme beauty to truly enjoy a game. But I have to be able to walk around in this world comfortably, or the whole idea is pointless :)

V Planet: All right, thanks for the interview Ravengoth!

Ravengoth: Kewl kewl :)

Visit Clockwerk Productions, home of the RPG The Morikun Tale, at

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