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Updated November 20, 2004

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Nominations for the 2002 Gaming Gold Awards Resume
(8/13/2002) V Planet picks up where it left off by giving you the community more time to nominate your favorite QB games and programmers for this year's Gaming Gold Awards! Vote now.

For those who haven't figured it out yet, this year's Gaming Gold Awards plaque was skillfully crafted by V Planet Graphics Designer Toonski. :)

Back in January, V Planet began the cycle for it's annual viewer's choice event for QB games, the QB Gaming Gold Awards. The first step of this awards ceremony is the nomination process, in which the QB community votes for the nominees who will be chosen to participate in the Gaming Gold Awards. Unfortunately, the now infamous hard drive crash that occured in the beginning February delayed this nomination process, and set V Planet back from a position where the nomination process could be completed.

Fortunately, V Planet is now back up to speed. And with that, we're happy to resume the nomination process for the 2002 QB Gaming Gold Awards, and get the event back into full swing. Now's your chance to choose the best QB games and programmers in up to sixteen different categories, including two new categories: Best Strategy Game and (by popular demand) Best QB Villain!

The rules are simple. You may nominate any QB game ever made regardless of it's release date, but you can not nominate a game if it's already been nominated for the same category in the past. If you're going to nominate a QB Demo for any of the categories, that's perfectly fine, but please don't choose a QB demo that isn't really playable (you know, the kind of games that have only one town, no shops, and no means to gain experience points or battle). If you do find an early beta of a game that really impresses you, please vote it in for the Gaming Gold Generations Award, which is the equivalent of a "Best QB Demo" award.

A complete list of all the categories, a description of the category, and past nominees are now included below:

  • Best Original Graphics: Were there any QB games released that simply blew you away with graphics this year? Now's your chance to let those games be known.

  • (Past nominees: Ultimate Super Stack, PromZone, Mysterious Song, Dynamic: Colonization of Jupiter, Percussor, Wandering Hamster, Secret of Cooey 2, Shadow of Power, Monospace, Wetspot 2)
  • Best Original Music: This award is to recognize the artistic achievement of the dedicated composers who bring original music to QB games.

  • (Past nominees: Super Sumo Wrestling, Kids of Karendow Chapter 1: Dawn of a Revolution, Raven: The Yoyo Commando, Mysterious Song, Percussor, Dark Ages I: The Continents, Secret of Cooey 2, Monospace, Wandering Hamster, Around the World)
  • Best Story: Heroes, villains, it all doesn't matter if a videogame doesn't have a great story to tie it all together. This category is to honor the greatest stories QB has ever seen.

  • (Past nominees: The ARC Legacy, Mysterious Song, The Little Pixy 2, Chicken Jockey, Shadow Legend 2, Dark Ages I: The Continents, MiniRPG 3, Kids of Karendow, Wandering Hamster, Secret of Cooey 2)
  • Best Puzzle Game: An award for the best QB puzzle game.

  • (Past nominees: Ultimate Super Stack, Diamond Fighter IV, Alternate Logic Puzzles, Puzzle Bomber Plus, Confaive)
  • Best Sound/Sound Editing: Which QB games features the best sound effects and sound editing?

  • (Past nominees: Ultimate Super Stack, Shellshock, Percussor, Dynamic: Colonization of Jupiter, PromZone, The Dark Phear, MonoSpace, MoonCrap, Fatal Choice, Spinball)
  • Best Gaming Hunk: An award to recognize the most popular, original male QB characters that have appeared in a QB game.

  • (Past nominees: Rydar (ARC Legacy), Raven (Raven: The Yoyo Commando), SumoX (Typosoft), Johnny Abbott (Johnny Abbott's Sex Adventures), Joe Johnsen (Diamond Fighter IV), Rom (MiniRPG 2 & 3), Holger (Shadow of Power), Ryahn (The Dark Phear), Hero (Dark Ages I: The Continents), Cooey (The Secret of Cooey trilogy)
  • Best Gaming Babe: An award to recognize the most popular, original female QB characters that have appeared in a QB game.

  • (Past nominees: Cyber Chick (Cyber Chick), Cindy (MiniRPG 2 & 3), Suzie (Puzzle Bomber Plus), Kalrin (ARC Legacy), Showl (Kids of Karendow), Sandra (Suds Skin Demo), Cookie (Cookie Delivery), NamNam (MiniRPG 2 & 3), Kamyla (The Dark Phear), Ninusa (Land of Illusions), Amin (Kids of Karendow), Lianne (Lianne in KissWorld)
  • Best QB Villain: The first of two new categories, now's your chance to vote for the most maniacal, original villain to show up in a QB game!

  • (No past nominees)
  • Best Arcade Game: A vote for the best QB arcade-style game.

  • (Past nominees: Alien Terror, Shell Shock, Dynamic: Colonization of Jupiter, Percussor, Super Sumo Wrestling, Monospace, Mooncrap, SpinBall, Around the World, Wetspot 2, QB Invade)
  • Best Platform Game: A vote for the best QB platform game.

  • (Past nominees: Raven: The Yoyo Commando, The Little Pixy 2, PromZone, Sonic XTreme, Around the World)
  • Best Strategy Game: A vote for the best QB strategy game.

  • (No past nominees)
  • Gaming Gold Generations: An award for the most promising QB demo, that serves as an inspiration to the QB community. You may only choose QB games that are still in their "demo" phase.

  • (Past Nominees: The ARC Network, ProjectRPG, QB Kaboom, Untitled, Project: Zeta, Ghini Run Expo Edition, TheGame Demo, Syraphage, ProjectRT, Relics, Wrath of Sona)
  • Gaming Gold Legend: A lifetime achievement award for outstanding programmers and/or contributors to the QB community. Vote any person you'd like for this award except for people who already won it.

  • (Past winners: Milo Sedlacek, Nekrophidius)
  • Best RPG: Vote for the best QBRPG.

  • (Past Nominees: The ARC Legacy, Mysterious Song, Kids of Karendow: Chapter One, Land of Illusions, Shadow Legend 2, Wandering Hamster, Dark Ages I: The Continents, The Secret of Cooey 2, Shadow of Power)
  • Best Programming Team: Vote for the best QB programming team of the year. You may nominate any programming team, even if they've been nominated or have won the award before. However, you must choose a programming team based on their achievements during the past year.

  • Game of the Year: Vote for the best QB game ever made, among those games not nominated yet for this category.

  • (Past Nominees: Ultimate Super Stack, Mysterious Song, Kids of Karendow Chapter One, Dynamic: Colonization of Jupiter, PromZone, Wetspot 2, MonoSpace, Dark Ages I: The Continents, Wandering Hamster, The Secret of Cooey 2)
Once you're ready to nominate, send us your choices by writing out each category and the appropriate choices, then click to send.

Gaming Golds Nominated Form made by Jeremy Hammond

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