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Tek and Terry in December

(12/21/2000) This month's Site Report has some big events, but it's the exit of Neozones Productions and QB Gamer Magazine that has everyone abuzz.

Being a vacation month, December is usually one of the most productive and busiest months for QB programmers and webmasters, and the year 2000 has certainly been no exception to the rule. Everywhere you look you either see a QB site resurfacing, or a QB site changing it's look for the new year. In fact, there are so many changes that we were too overwhelmed to produce a November site report.

As a result, this December site report probably contains a lot of news you've already heard before, but it's being placed here for documentation's sake. Especially noteworthy is the entries regarding Neozones Productions and QB Gamer Magazine, both of which are QB affiliates who have chosen December to be the last month for their QB websites. We wish Neozones Productions webmaster Tek the best in his future endeavors and QB Gamer Magazine webmaster Terry Cavanagh good luck with his QB game development team, Alternate Reality Entertainment.

And now, on to the Site Report!

QB Gamer Magazine
After just two issues, QB Gamer Magazine has decided to stop production due to lack of interest. The monthly mini-zine featured a combination of programming articles, editorials, and classic reviews of games like Shadow of Power and Monospace before closing in December. Fortunately, the QB Gamer site itself will not be pulled and the two issues will still be accessible as QB Gamer Magazine Editor Terry Cavanagh moves on from QB journalism to QB programming.

Master Creating
Master Creating finally made their last revision of their website, and navigation through the now black-and-brown version of their main page has never been better. But now Master Creating's emphasis is on their real-time strategy game, Imerion. Every week new details are revealed about Imerion, with pictures of some of the graphics tiles they have under construction. It's still too early to call whether Imerion turns out being an awesome game like Master Creating's puzzle game Diamond Fighter IV, but if they can get the same graphics level as their RPG Shadow of Power along with the fun factor of Diamond Fighter IV, then Imerion can be a serious contender for best Strategy game.

Neozones Productions
After many years of serving as a technical hub alongside, the tutorial and massive QB download site Neozones Productions has closed due to being hacked. While fingers have been pointed as to the cause of the hack, no one has admitted to the crime. Nevertheless, Neozones Productions webmaster Tek closed down Neozones to prevent the hacker from gaining access to sites hosted by Tek's service,

The move for Neozones Productions is especially damaging to QB download sites who use a link to Neozones Productions to facilitate their downloads. In V Planet! QuickBasic Magazine alone, many of Darkness Ethereal's latest RPGs can not be downloaded temporarily because Neozones Productions links are being used. We are currently searching for the latest copy of Darkness Ethereal games Mysterious Song and Secret of Cooey 2, and also we're checking out all our review pages to make sure that all Neozones Production download links are replaced with in-house links. We encourage other QB download sites to do the same.

Dark Ages II Page
For more than a year now, the much anticipated sequel to Dark Ages I: The Continents has been under the close supervision of QB visionary Mike Hoopmann. Now it appears that the project is back at full swing; with a full site revamp the look of the official Dark Ages site has improved greatly to match the graphics of Dark Ages II. You can download the latest demo of their game at their website and see the new look for yourself. 

QBasic/Quickbasic News
QBasic/QuickBasic News also has a new site design, now consisting of a blue and white color scheme. Also as icing on the cake, the first true "updates daily" QB News site recently won the Statto Site of the Year award, after beating out two competitors to the title. 

Future Software
Lastly, Future Software has changed to the new name QB Temple! The largest QB download site on the Internet is now located at The site has not only changed names, but has also changed it's site design. The layout now consists of a blue and yellow setup, and has higher emphasis on the downloading aspect of the QB site. Perhaps the silver lining in all of this is that Future Software headman Jorden Chamid promises that as long as the QB Temple exists, the QB community will also continue to exist.

Article by Vance Velez, Editor

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