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QB Affiliates Spearhead Expo Campaign

(6/24/2001) The QB Affiliates have amped up promotions for the upcoming QB Expo, headed by Affiliates GBGames and Detaiza's Project Base.

The Official "QB Expo Sponsor" banner, as designed by Detaiza's Project Base.

Much to the embarassment and thankfulness of V Planet (which has updated for a month or played a significant role in the production of the 2001 QB Expo so far due to several causes and needless finger-pointing), many of the QB Affiliates who have signed up to help in the production of this year's QB Expo have been helping out while V Planet and some of it's key members were taking a month-long slumber.

Among these affiliates include GBGames and Detaiza's Project Base. Specifically, GBGames reported about the QB Expo Registration page on V Planet from their site. Detaiza's Project Base also designed some of the art for the QB Expo, including the sponsor banner shown above. Because of their amazing dedication to the QB Expo (and because V Planet received much help by visiting Detaiza's Project Base to get caught up on QB news), Detaiza's Project Base has been added to V Planet's list of QB affiliates.

Input is also being shared between the webmasters of QB Cult Magazine, VGameSoft,, and Future Software regarding the design of this year's QB Expo, which promises to be a little more user-friendly and quicker than last year's QB Expo. Among the chief issues include site navigation and loadtimes. Both of these problems will be addressed before construction of the QB Expo begins.

A notable shout-out goes to TRINTS Software, whom out of all the QB Expo Sponsors, is the least informed about the current events because they have not received the information necessary to help out from V Planet (I know this because I'm the one who's supposed to send the information... sorry TRINTS! I was just really tired. It's no excuse. I'll try to get the information to you as soon as possible.)

Article Written by Vance Velez, Editor

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