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Clockwerk Productions Interview Part 2 

(6/18/2000) We go chatting with Tetsuo to figure out more about the upcoming RPG, The Morikun Tale.

Kurai, the main character in Clockwerk Production's The Morikun Tale.

In May, V Planet interviewed Ravengoth about the artwork that he is developing for Clockwerk Production's first RPG, The Morikun Tale. While the project is still under construction, drawings like those shown above show that Clockwerk is dealing with an RPG that has serious potential.

But pictures tell only part of the story. Programming The Morikun Tale will be just as much of a challenge as developing the original graphics for the game. One of the people appointed to the task of coding The Morikun Tale is Tetsuo. We caught up with Tetsuo and asked a few questions to help uncover more about this fascanating RPG project, which will be one of the main attractions in this year's QB Expo.

V Planet: What's your job in the production of TMT?

Tetsuo: I program the menu systems and the main layout of control in the game.

V Planet: What control devices are being worked on for TMT? Keyboards? Mice? Joystick support?

Tetsuo: Right now, we are using the keyboard for control, but the joystick may be implemented later on.

V Planet: Is there any console or former QB game in particular that you're designing the menus and control after?

Tetsuo: The menu systems are going to look sort of like those on Final Fantasy II and III.

V Planet: A lot of games have that look, but will TMT try to capitalize on FF2 and FF3's versatility in terms of menu design and control?

Tetsuo: We are going to add functions that are unique to TMT, such as a journal for notes and such. TMT is adopting the little white glove and the blue menus that are so connected with the Final Fantasy look.

V Planet: How will the menus interact with the game's battle element?

Tetsuo: The battle system won't include menus since it will be more of an action-based system.

V Planet: Paint a picture for me of how a typical battle would feel like in TMT. 

Tetsuo: We will be using a status bar for each character. The status bar, hit points, mana points, and a stamina bar.

V Planet: Will TMT have some outstanding battle animations like the Final Fantasy series?

Tetsuo: Animation is not my field, but there will not be many huge summoning animations, if that's what you mean. We will have some nice magic sequences though.

V Planet: What do you consider to be The Morikun Tale's biggest strength so far?

Tetsuo: I think the story is the most intriguing part of The Morikun Tale so far.

V Planet: Have you played a lot of QBRPGs?

Tetsuo: Yes.

V Planet: Name some of your favorites and what you liked about them.

Tetsuo: I liked MiniRPG2. The interface was awesome.

V Planet: Would you work on any other type of QB game other than an RPG?

Tetsuo: Yeah.

V Planet: What types of games would you like to work on?

Tetsuo: I enjoy working on games like space simulators.

V Planet: Have you had any projects before the Morikun tale?

Tetsuo: I have made some text RPG's.

V Planet: How did you meet up with Clockwerk Productions?

Tetsuo: I saw a post on a message board for programmers wanted.

V Planet: And you signed up, they saw what you were made of, and history was made. Everything hit off, right?

Tetsuo: That's right. Pretty much :)

V Planet: Ok, last question. With a lot of QB Developers coming and going, it's beginning to shape up like QB is ready for the next generation of QB coding groups. What is your attitude towards this transition and how Clockwerk Productions will react to this change in climate?

Tetsuo: We will probably just go with the flow. Stick to ourselves but be aware of our surroundings as well. We want to make a good impression on the other developers out there.

V Planet: What technological breakthroughs do you want to be seen broken by QB programmers within the next two to three years?

Tetsuo: I want to see some good 3D libraries. Most people aren't aware of QB's capabilities and that's just a shame. QB needs more recognition.

V Planet: We'll help make sure that QB and QB proggers get all the recognition they need. In the meantime, thanks for the interview, and Good luck with your project.

Tetsuo: Thank you :)

Visit Clockwerk Productions, home of the RPG The Morikun Tale, at

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