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Bug Fixers Wanted

(12/13/99) Developers Ribbonsoft and BiH1 are building two new puzzle games. You can help them by downloading these titles below and looking for any bugs.

QB Puzzle Games appear to be on a rise in QB, and two leaders interested in leading the way are developers Ribbonsoft and BiH1, both of which have two QB Puzzle/Adventure games that are under construction. One puzzle game brings LucasArts fans close to home, while the other is a classic text Puzzle/Adventure with graphics a la Zork.

While both of these projects show great promise, both development teams are currently searching for some rowdy QB gamers to try out their latest QB demos, to see if these Puzzle Games are heading on the right track. Interested in seeing if these early versions have any glitches? Can you help your fellow man discover if these games have gaming potential? The only way to help out and have a little fun along the way is to try out one of these demos.

The Void

The first game (shown at right) is called The Void. Right now you can download the first episode (this means this game is playable and beatable!) The Void utilizes an overhead view like an RPG, but the game is a lot more like King's Quest, Curse of Monkey Island, and puzzle games of that nature. You get to pick up items and use them through a cleverly-situated mouse/keyboard interface. There are also music options that have yet to be experimented. If you've been waiting for one of those item-oriented puzzle games be sure to this game a try.

To download The Void, click here.

If you find any bugs while playing The Void, you can reach Ribbonsoft at

For more info on The Void, go to Ribbonsoft's website at

Smart Guy

On the other hand, if you're into a puzzle game that is in the tradition of Zork, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and Shadowgate, then you might want to try "bug finding" for SmartGuy, the first puzzle type game by BiH1. Smartguy has graphics mixed with a keyboard interface that lets gamers type down what they want to do. It's a pretty small demo right now but it's a real treat to try a game like this again.

To download Smart Guy, click here.

If you find any bugs while playing SmartGuy, you can reach BiH1 at

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