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Pete's QBasic Site Scare

(5/11/2000) Indigo Fox's ultimatum put major QB affiliate Pete's Qbasic Site down on its knees.

It was quite the scare, but you can't knock a good man down.

For most QB game developers, updating a site is a lot like an insane ritual that gets in the way of developing QB games. It can also get in the way of your social life if the QB site is big enough, requires a significant amount of maintenance, and takes up a considerable amount of hard drive space. Yet the following is all true of Pete's QBasic Site, which has tried to update on a daily basis ever since it was released in 1998. And that meant a lot more maintenance than most QB webmasters could stand.

Eventually Pete cracked. In May 2, 2000, after Pete had stopped updating for five days straight without explanation, Indigo Fox (Pete's Internet buddy) released posted the following update in Pete's QBasic Site's front page:

"Ok, this is Indigo Fox. I'm updating because Pete has not done so in a while. I have known him for nearing two years, and would like to say that I think I know him at least a little bit. I know how he feels about this site. He is going to totally chew me out for telling you all this... Pete hates updating his site. He often spends several hours working on reviews and all night uploading files. Spending so much time litterally deteriorates his social life, which is virtually non-existant since he moved. I don't want Pete to go through this anymore. I know him quite well (online, so not really that well) and know how much he dislikes updating daily. I have absolutely no right to do this, so blame me for what I'm going to do, not Pete. If Pete doesn't tell me no within the next week, I'm going to unofficially close his site down. I don't know whether or not I'm going to close everypart of the site, or leave it open with notices about it no longer functioning."

This came across as a major shock to the QB community, who has backed up Pete's QBasic site with over 14,000 hits per year. Some days passed, and people were expressing their concern about Pete's QBasic Site. James Robert Osborne, who helped maintain Pete's QBasic Site when Pete's computer broke in March, was probably the most vocal, stating that he immediately started working on four video game reviews simultaneously when Indigo Fox posted the message.

The site scare continued until May 8, 2000. At that point Pete, Indigo Fox, and JRO had a conversation. The following compromise to the daily updating policy was reached:

"I [Indigo Fox] got the word from Pete. If I heard and understood right (he is kind of abstract), then this is what's going down: This site will no longer be updated except on an irregular basis. The only thing that'll be happening to it is a member system where the people contribute all of the material. If you don't contribute stuff, you don't get an update. It's that simple.

"There will also be moderators for this whole system to ensure it's, uh, quality. Pete will have total control (if he takes it), I will have the same control (unless Pete says no)
and probably JRO will have some control too. He would make a really good moderator."

Basically this outline, presented by Indigo Fox after talking to Pete, announces that Pete's QBasic Site will still be updating, but it be as often or as constant. Chances are Pete's Site may update at most twice a week to as much as twice a month. In any case, it's good news for both Pete and the QB community. The die-hard Pete fans still have their place to go, Pete's QBasic Site will be alive and kicking with more manpower, and Pete can finally pick up where his social life left off.

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