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End of Days for

(7/19/2000) After 678 messages, shooting down this good old e-mail account reminded me of knocking out Old Yeller with a shotgun.

Perhaps underestimating the number of messages V Planet editor QBShire would receive for all the e-mail received from friends, programmers, and Expo developers, the great Fortunecity e-mail account congested on July 19, 2000.

The poorly managed e-mail acccount, which boasts 254 messages and 424 logged messages, finally keeled over when the account reached 3000k above the e-mail account's storage limit.

"It takes about fifteen minutes to load the mailbox, even on a fast system," says QBShire. "And since the account is so far over the storage limit, I'm not even allowed to delete messages because all the scripts that operate the Fortunecity Mail service fall apart."

Further investigation revealed that the help service provided by Fortunecity and was not very helpful. And, after trying every means to salvage, we at V Planet realized that there was nothing left for any of us to do but terminate the account.

This only leaves one important question: What is V Planet and QBShire's new e-mail account? Here they are: (If you want to contact everyone from the V Planet crew) (If you want to send a private message to QBShire)

Note that all webpages in V Planet have been changed to reflect the fact that the dropped address at is no longer being used. Please do not try contacting us by using anymore; you may instead contact hush puppies or other strange woodland creatures.

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