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XBox Invades Hulla-Balloo?

(3/17/2001) This is the first time the Entertainment site of the month was made by the people of V Planet themselves. And it's all about the greatest thing to happen to Microsoft since QBasic.

Click on the head to get to the news!

Let's face it: when it comes to the contributions Microsoft has made to gaming, nothing will ever top QBasic. QBasic brought us classic Microsoft games like Nibbles and Microsoft Gorillas. And it gave the world of QB programmers the ability to make dozens upon dozens of memorable games. But now Microsoft is trying to top this feat by contributing another product that is slated to make a new mark in the videogaming world, and unless you've been living in a cave the last year or so, you know I'm talking about the Microsoft XBox, a next-generation game console being designed by the Microsoft people themselves.

As many of you already know, V Planet is a big fan of Microsoft QBasic. But ever wonder what we think of this latest product? Does V Planet believe that Microsoft XBox has what it takes to tackle the competition? The best way to figure out just how we feel about the Microsoft XBox is to check out V Planet's new XBox-related site, XBox: The Unveiling, a Preview of XBox at E³.

Visit XBox: The Unveiling at

Article by HotTaco, Entertainment Guy

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