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Updated November 20, 2004

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(2/21/2003) Jocke the Beast's project site and join V Planet's cutting-edge list of QB Affiliates.

Always in search for informative, entertaining QB game sites, V Planet has approved two new and very different sites to the QB Affiliates list, including a game developer's site and a site dedicated to RPG development.

Jocke the Beast's Page
Programmer Jocke the Beast is no stranger to the QB community, producing games like Riders of Rohan, Mirkwood, and the Dark Woods series. Jocke's website also features a stream of QB news from around the community, steady updates, and exclusive previews of Jocke's in-house titles, including Dark Woods 3, the sequel to the first QB Gaming Gold Award winner for best Puzzle game.

Flingmaster, head of the QB community's leading QBRPG download site HyperRealistic Games, answers the need for a new RPG development website with RPG-Dev.Net, a website dedicated to the RPG-making community. While there are sections for VB, C, and other languages, RPG-Dev.Net does include QB-specific games, reviews, articles, and RPG design tips that can be applied to any programming language. 

Article Written by Vance Velez, Editor

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V Planet! Archive
This is an archive of V Planet, circa November 2004, when the site was last active. This is read-only, and preserved here as part of the QB Zines Archive at Pete's QB Site.

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