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Where the Chickens Run

(7/2/2000) Hafiz Kassam's new game Chicken Jockey may very well be V Planet's only hope to inaugurate a Top Strategy Game list.

With a few more strategy games Chicken Jockey could find a coop at V Planet.

With July coming in and the QB Expo slowly being formed together, the focus of V Planet will soon shift to promoting the second QB Gaming Gold awards, which will take place later this year. The event, which gives the QB community a chance to vote for their favorite games, celebrated quite a bit of success when 150 votes were tallied for the event.

One change that will take place in the QB Gaming Gold awards will hopefully be the addition of new categories. One of these new categories is the addition of the first Best QB Strategy Game award, a category in which Stefan Hendrik's game Arrakis is shaping up to be a heavy favorite.

The game Arrakis is just one of many strategy games made in QB, but V Planet is unable to write a review for Arrakis or any other QB strategy game because the magazine has not received enough Strategy game submissions to launch a Top Strategy Games site just yet. In fact, Arrakis is the one of only two Strategy game submissions V Planet has received to be reviewed.

The second strategy game V Planet received for review turned out being the more fascanating and original of the two. Whereas Arrakis was your typical war-time strategy game, Chicken Jockey is hardly typical at all, introducing a whole new set of ideas for gameplay. In fact, Chicken Jockey was submitted to us long before the movie Chicken Run hit the box office. It seems that Hafiz Kassam was just a little bit ahead of Hollywood.

In Chicken Jockey, you assume the role of a chicken farmer. You spend money buying and feeding chickens in the hopes that they win cockfights and chicken races. It's a very original game, but it's a strategy game... so like Arrakis V Planet can't review Chicken Jockey until we can rustle up some more QB Strategy games playable enough to review. 

You can't download Chicken Jockey yet, but Chicken Jockey will be showing up at this year's QB Expo. Hoping to find these chickens a permanent home, we here at V Planet are currently searching for some QB strategy games from the Net. In the meantime, if you think you have a strategy game of your own that you'd like reviewed, check out our Submissions page by clicking here.

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