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The Make Your Character Count Contest

(6/14/2000) Hey! Want your QB game character to be one of the big mascots at this year's QB Expo? Then you have to enter this crazy contest.

The key to winning the contest is embedded in this banner.

Have you ever wondered how your QB game character feels? Perhaps he or she or it wants a little attention from the QB community. Well, in June programmers from all over the QB community entered a contest in hopes of making their characters the mascots for what will be one of the biggest QB events of the year, the QB Expo!

The key to winning the Make Your Character Count contest is the banner on the top of this page, which was the same banner used by Future Software when V Planet was awarded Site of the Week.  But this banner is more than that, as it is a tribute to QB games... twenty of them in fact! To win the contest, people must name all twenty of the QB games featured meticulously on the banner.

When the contest ended at June 30, 2000, the winner of the contest was none other than James Robert Osborne. After winning the event, JRO chose his latest platform character, Cyber Chick, to be one of the main mascots for the Expo.

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