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Updated November 20, 2004

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Attack on America Puts Videogame Sites in Disarray
(9/17/2001) As the events in New York City continue to unfold, entertainment related sites are among the first to struggle.

Major entertainment site is sending it's condolences by including this graphic in their site.

Since a tragedy of this magnitude had never been felt before in the world, there has been no precedence to how entertainment-related sites reacted to the heinous events that took place in New York and in Washington, D.C. Forums all over the Internet accepted off-topic posts about the event, hoping to bring together everyone from the incomparable catastrophe and the loss of many civilian lives. And while it is usually outside the jurisdiction of videogame and other entertainment sites, many journalists are expressing their thoughts about the recent events with the same care, compassion and emotion about the subjects they usually cover. was among the first QB sites to post a full article regarding it's opinion of the recent terrorist attacks. "My main concern is racism," says GBGames webmaster Gianfranco. "As soon as I saw CBS display Bin Laden's picture on TV, before anyone had any proof, I already knew that there would be people who would accuse Muslims or Middle Easterners of the crimes. I have many friends of many religions and cultures, most of you in the QB community, many from my university, and others I have met in my life. It is scary enough to have to worry that some of us may have been lost in New York or Washington. It is worse to have to worry that my friends would be attacked by fellow Americans who are too angry to understand that they are only helping the terrorists.", a site noted for their coverage of PC and console games, writes: "Somehow writing about video games and comics and movies seems kind of pointless and empty in the face of the suffering endured by so many Americans today."

Other gaming sites that update often send their condolences but urge that operation of entertainment sites is critical in terms of sending it's own message. states, "GamerWeb is fully determined to continue operation of all the sites in the GamerWeb network. It's important that we continue to go about our lives and not give in to fear."

A few of the gaming websites even hit very close to home. "We sincerely hope that none of our readers have been directly impacted by this incredible tragedy; we are currently trying to contact staff writer Aizaz Akram, who lives in New York City, to confirm that he is all right as well. Our hearts and thoughts go out to all who have been impacted by this catastrophe," said the writers of Thankfully, further investigation from Nintendojo revealed that Aizaz is alive and well.

In short, the reaction to the tragedy among different forms of entertainment sites has varied, but there is one underlying message about them. There are things in life that are far more important than anything else, that are capable of affecting more people than can ever be realized. These things touch the hearts of journalists just as hard as any other human being, and sometimes writers need to say what's in their minds and hearts before returning to their usual agenda. And while the pain and sadness can never be fully understood, it is this togetherness that keeps Internet, humanity, and the world strong.

Article written by Vance Velez, Editor

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