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V Planet Announces New Event

(2/4/2000) V Planet's coming up with a whole new event to showcase QB games. Don't miss out on the party! Here are the details.

"Sega Dreamcast up on top!," one fan exclaims. "No way, Nintendo Dolphin's gonna take care of the competition with Rare by their side," another fan yells. "PS2's backwards compatibility and Square support are easily going to make them the next-generation system to have!," another one says.

These console system debates always seem to heat up during this time of the year because all the big console giants will be showcasing their next wave of video games and technology at the E3 (Electronics Entertainment Expo). If you aren't familiar with it, the E3 is an opportunity for video game developers from around the industry to put up a booth showing their best stuff. Then big investors and ultra-game fanatics can preview new material and see video screens of games and tools currently in development.

The E3 really got us at V Planet! thinking. V Planet! just added it's "Link to Us" page, which allows people to link to us. But what's a great way to link back to all our readers and get their newest games in one place where everyone can see it and preview it?

Enter V Planet's newest event, the QB Expo 2000.

The QB Expo will be a website for QB game companies from around the world. Companies will be allowed to sign up for the QB Expo so that they can show the newest previews and betas of their next wave of QB games. It will be a place where people will have links to all the companies currently developing new material for QB. There will also be an opportunity for QB gamers to chat with popular QB developers and share good times with other QB game fans.

Like the E3, the QB Expo will also have mascots and all kinds of shenanigans, as seen fit by anyone who wants to sign up. Unlike the QB Gaming Gold Awards, which V Planet! recently held in January, the QB Expo will be a chance for QB programmers of all skill levels to show off their newest material.

Though very ambitious, the QB Expo 2000 is still in its planning stages. If you're interested in being part of the QB Expo, please contact us at

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