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A Half-Time Show For Our Hands

(7/19/2000) Find out what QB games the V Planet crew plays when they're not working on making the Expo happen.

The time everyone at V Planet fears most has finally arrived. For the next two weeks, QBShire and the rest of the V Planet crew will have to live and breathe just a little more QB than we can withstand. That's because we've received a bundle of finished Expo pages from developers, and now it's our turn to do the work by linking all of these Expo pages together before the July Deadline.

The finalized 2000 QB Expo will feature 40+ web pages, including all development pages from developers and other potential sources. That means that the HTML pages and graphics will easily take up 6-7 MB on their own. That's a lot of webpages to link together in a small space of time!
So how does the V Planet crew intend to do the job? One way to fight the toil is whip up our favorite QB games during our coffee breaks. A nice, addictive QB game can really keep our hopes up after hours of labor, while trying to update both V Planet! and the QB Expo at the same time. We'll share with you now what games some of us play during our break time.

QBShire Says

"If I'm not working on the QB Expo I usually play the latest games I've reviewed, so lately I've been playing a lot of Tube Master and Wetspot. Both of these games are cool because, well, one (Tube Master) is a re-make of a PC classic. The other game (Wetspot) is considered a classic in itself.

Our version of Kids of Karendow will go to the toilet once developer PHAT Kids release their much anticipated update.

"Besides these two games I'm giving a couple of RPGs another run-around right now. One game I've been working on is the current version of Kids of Karendow. I'm building up my character levels right now and I'm hoping that my party will be compatible with the Kids of Karendow: Chapter 1 The Dawn of a Revolution game coming out later this month.

The ARC Legacy is nice because it's a like a slightly off kilter version of a Dragon Warrior game.

"The other QBRPG I'm playing right now is (surprise, surprise) The ARC Legacy! Right now I have all the archaeologists in a ridiculously high experience level. Whenever Kids of Karendow gets a little too tough for my taste, I switch over to The ARC Legacy, go straight to the Coliseum, beat up some black knights, and celebrate by going to the town pub.

"A lot of my non-QB gaming is away from the PC and straight to the console. My favorite game out right now is Perfect Dark for the N64. I wasn't a fan of first-person shooters until Rare released this title, and I've played Goldeneye 007 before. Perfect Dark is clearly a much improved game from Rare, and it really helps to have a game like it handy since the first-person shooter craze hasn't been fully realized in QB yet."

Vance Says

"Before the QB Expo is launched, I have to make sure that I have a new demo of Raven: The Yoyo Commando and as much work done on my QB Expo exclusive Bald Man Boxing as I can! That means plenty of hours of work on and off the Windows environment, making sure that I build the pages for my games and finish the games themselves before the deadline.

Games we've already reviewed like Mooncrap get major replay time from the V Planet crew during those long hauls.

"Work of this intensity requires plenty of breaks, which for me can be done best with some QB shooting games. During my break time I play a lot of MoonCrap, which is great because it's arcade action at its best. I also try the SonicX demo every now and then from the folks at QBasic Central. It's only got about 25 seconds of gameplay, but their emulation of Sonic so far is pretty tight.

A demo of Cataclysm's Eve can be found at Digital Paradox Software's site,

"Another QB game I've been playing a lot lately is the demo of Cataclysm's Eve. The QB coding group Digital Paradox Software did a surprisingly good job of making this RPG demo addictive. I know there's only an hour of story play, but long after I beat the demo I find myself going back to the castle for a few more experience levels. This one looks like a winner and I can't wait until a more polished and complete version of this game is released so V Planet can review it."

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