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V Planet (
The first 100% QuickBasic game Review magazine

Things Look Up in September

(9/12/2000) V Planet readies for it's first birthday but it's QQN who sends us a present! All that and why breaking up with is hard to do are on this month's Site Report.

V Planet is the first site to be dissected for the Future Software Site Awards since responsibility of the site reviews was passed to QQN.

While there's a gigantic spotlight right now looming over the 2000 QB Expo this month, there's actually a lot of site activity going on throughout the QB community. 

QBasic/Quickbasic News
Just a month since QQN announced it's "QB news updates daily" policy and they've surprised us at V Planet again! It turns out that QBasic/Quickbasic News webmaster Magus has reviewed V Planet on their site, making V Planet the first QBasic site to be reviewed since QQN took over Future Software's Site Reviews. Also, V Planet took home the "Worth a Glance Award" for  receiving a total site score of 77 out of 100.

Because Future Software and QQN are both related to the Worth a Glance award, we digitally altered the "Worth a Glance" plaque. Note the digital alteration on the plaque so that QBasic/QuickBasic News gets credit for writing the site review for V Planet.

Game Developer's Refuge
For months now we've heard about Tsugumo's vision of a QB discussion board designed to bring all the QB programmers back together, and when he finally launched this new discussion board he called it the Game Developer's Refuge. Designed as a more conservative Discussion board, the GDR is monitored for any obscenities or name-calling. Also, it's just a great discussion board to visit if you're a QB programmer who needs help or you just want to hear what some of the leading QBRPG developers are up to.

Pete's QBasic Site
Pete's QBasic Site is currently under a massive reconstruction project, primarily the massive link and reviews page a fresh, new look. The new design features a black background with a green and orange trim, with an appearance that suggests that Pete's QBasic Site will update often during the school year.

Also, for all you QB Expo fans who just can't get enough of the tour guide Cyber Chick, a new build of the game has just been made by Cyber Chick creator Wisdomdude for all you platform fans to enjoy.

Abyssware Studios
In a surprise move for the QB News site, Abyssware Studios webmaster Community signed up our very own editor QBShire to help submit news bits for Abyssware Studios. The move may sound a little striking at first, but this isn't the first time another QB webmaster signed up for Abyssware. Future Software webmaster Jorden Chamid has also been known to occasionally drop in QB articles in Abyssware Studios every now and then.

While QBShire will not use the privilege of being able to post Abyssware Studios articles to promote titles from V Planet's in-house coding group V Games, new articles will be posted in Abyssware Studios by QBShire involving the  2000 QB Expo, as well as the upcoming 2001 QB Gaming Gold Awards.

Dark Legends Software
As the QB Portal symbolizes the Quickbasic portion of Dark Legends Software, it's appropriate that Dark Legends Software is removed from our Affiliate list. It's a shame too; ever since Dark Legend's first days in the QB business, their site was one of V Planet's favorites. But the good news is that the QB Portal is being passed to If the webmaster appointed to the QB Portal can maintain the same level of quality that AlienQB was able to do with his turn at the helm, then we'll be more than happy to link with the new QB Portal when it is finally released.

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