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QB Links (Alphabetical)

Looking for a QB site? Our QB Links section is your guide to many of the sites dedicated to QuickBasic on the Internet! QB Links are sorted alphabetically, with a brief description written by our staff based on the content and data in each respective page. Note that this Link Service just started on September 2000, and we will do our best to add more QB links as the days pass.

If you can't find a link to your QB page here, submit the title and URL for your QB webpage to vplanet AT digitalblackie DOT comand we'll try to add a link to your page (with the appropriate description) as soon as we can.

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QB 3D Engines List, The
Carries downloads and details about various QB 3D Libraries.
QB Chronicles
QB Magazine. Updates periodically. Contains programming and gaming news. An active subdivision of HyperRealistic Games.
QB Colony
QB Game Review site. Started in 2003 by PJ Haye. Reviews games with focus on entertainment value and gameplay. Updates often.
QB Cult Magazine
QB Programmer's magazine. Includes programming articles and an overview of the QB community. Founded by Matthew R. Knight and edited by Evilbeaver. Now run by Sane.
QB Maniac Software
QB coding group. Currently working on a two-player combat game, "Tank Wars".
QB Times, The
QB News Magazine. Updates monthly. Sponsored by Future Software and the Programming Oasis.
Formerly known as Future Software. The largest QB file archive on the Internet. Also has the highest hit frequency of any QB site on the Internet. Updates frequently.
Qbasic Central
Qbasic programming tips site. Appears to have stopped updating in August 1999. Currently working on a game called Population: Zero.
Qbasic Central - Home of Sonic Xtreme
QB coding group. Succeeded in emulating Sonic in QBasic. Makers of the game Sonic Xtreme.
Qbasic Contest Central
A good site dedicated to continuing the Neozones contests. Winners win a graphic badge symbolizing honor and skill. Started in 2001 after Tek closed Neozones Productions and in effect cancelled the popular Neozones Programming Contests.
Qbasic For All!
QB resource site. Emphasizes importance of including source code. Allows download of old-school QB games in 100-game "packages".
Qbasic InfoBase
QBasic and Turbo Pascal page with in-depth information.
Qbasic Palace
QB coder's page. Run by Logic Lord. Includes page devoted to the memory of Milo Sedlacek.
Qbasic Paradise
"The paradise for all Qbasic programmers." Download site for QB games and utilities. Rates projects from 1 to 5 suns.
QBasic Pathfinder
Philosophy is "Top Ranked Sites from #1". Sites listed are ranked by QB community. Includes honest and sometimes traumatizing feedback.
Qbasic Place, The
QB download site. Has at least 120 downloads of old-school QB games. Stopped updating early 1999, but still receives visitors.
Qbasic Research Page
Project page put together in July 1998 by a group of coders. Comes with many QB downloads.
Qbasic Site, The
QB Link page. Run by Daniel Hedsen. Also includes his programs.
Qbasic: The Magazine Archives
Successful QB magazine that had a 12-issue run during July 1998 and August 1999. Said goodbye as "the largest archaic language ezine in the world". Abbreviated as "QB: TM".
Qbasic: Your Personal Puppet
QB Programmer's Page. Contains exclusive titles of rare QB adventure games. Operated by SM.
Once called "The home of Qbasic on the Net". Stopped updating in 1998. Carries archive of QB tutorials.
A German QB download site. Includes a Newsletter and a German-speaking forum.
QB coding group. Currently programming three retro-style QB games. Also called "Retroactive Games, Inc."
SumoJo's QB site. Home of free downloads, free hosting, and free happiness.
QBasic/Quickbasic News
The QB News site that updates daily. Also known as QQN. Also reviews sites for the Crème de la crème award.
Qbasicly Easy
QB Tutorial Site. Reconstructing under rule of new webmaster. Updated often in 1999.
Qbot's QB Page
QB programmer's page. Working on Hamster Wars, a strategy game based on the Hampster Dance. Website has the Zelda hymn in the background.
QB News site. Started production in February 2001. Motto is "The Source for all the latest QB Info."
QBRPG Scene, The
Dedicated QBRPG site. Reminisces the top QBRPG and QBRPG demos ever made, and also has a release list for QBRPGs on the Internet.
Qlympics 2001
QB Contest. Re-started with permission from SonicBlue by QBasic/QuickBasic News and Jeremy Hammond. Held every year to find the most technically brilliant and proud programmers in the QB community.
A "high-quality" QB site whose policy consists of having only top-quality downloads.
Quantum's Corner
QB Programmer's Site. Maker of Robot Rumble. Currently working on a Frogger clone for QB.
QuickBasic @ CMS-Technologies
Subsection of the CMS-Technologies website, dedicated to QBasic. Working on a Galaxian Clone.
QuickBasic Café
QB download site. Designed to be a discussion and chat place for QB programmers. Comes in German and English.
Quick-Basic Network, The
QuickBasic news site. Appears to have stopped updating in December 1999. Carries file archive called the QBN Database.
Quickbasic Programs
Run by Peter Swinkels. Focuses on QB and VB tutorials.
QuickBasic RPGs
QBRPG archive with over +90 RPGs.
QB file hosting service. Provides free hosting for Quickbasic files.
Quixoft Homepage
QB demo coding group. Has a section devoted to each of its four programmers.

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