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Updated November 20, 2004

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QB Links (Alphabetical)

Looking for a QB site? Our QB Links section is your guide to many of the sites dedicated to QuickBasic on the Internet! QB Links are sorted alphabetically, with a brief description written by our staff based on the content and data in each respective page. Note that this Link Service just started on September 2000, and we will do our best to add more QB links as the days pass.

If you can't find a link to your QB page here, submit the title and URL for your QB webpage to vplanet AT digitalblackie DOT comand we'll try to add a link to your page (with the appropriate description) as soon as we can.

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QB download site. Includes a mixture of HTML and QB-based games.
Pasco's Page
Made a game called Groov Buggies. Presented the first 13h virtual screen sprite rout 100% in QB.
Pete's Qbasic Site
The original QB reviews site. Popular QB download page for games and utilities. Includes full reviews. Proud of it's 300+ links page and housing the "QB Dance".
PHAT Games
QB coding group. Credited for successfully mixing high-calibur gameplay with flatulent themes. Makers of "Kids of Karendow".
Pickers Games
A download site dedicated to Qbasic. Comes with a chatroom and a quiz section. Occasionally carries rare news on QB projects.
Pigeon's QB Games
QB game reviews page. Few but full reviews. Also known as "GBGames Qbasic".
Piptol Productions
QB coding group. Makers of the Outrunners style game Ghini Run. One of the rising stars in the QB arena.
Richard Harris's games and tutorials site for the Basic and C language. Includes separate tutorials for each, along with discussions of the advantages and disadvantages betwen the two languages.
Programming Links page. Motto is "The Programmer's Portal." Has a Quick Basic section.
ProggerSoft Homepage
QB Download site, meant only for the best downloads on the Internet. Includes some of ProggerX's creations. Devoted specifically to QuickBasic 4.5.
Programmer, The
Gives tutorials on many languages. Dedicated to all programmers in the world who want to make sense out of their computer.
Programmer's Heaven
Huge link site. Formerly called the Programming Sharehouse. Also carries tutorials and games written in various programming languages, including QB.
Programming Oasis, The
Previously called "Nightwolf Productions". Expanded programming advice to Assembly, QB, VB, C++, Delphi, and other languages. Has News Archive of the QB Times.

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V Planet! Archive
This is an archive of V Planet, circa November 2004, when the site was last active. This is read-only, and preserved here as part of the QB Zines Archive at Pete's QB Site.

Site Highlights
2004 QB Gaming Gold Awards Almost Set To Begin!
Get ready for this year's Gaming Golds! After a long hiatus, this year promises to be one of the biggest galas in the history of the QB world. Who will take home the gold this year?

Site Watch
Pete's QBasic Site
The original king of QB reviews is back with a vengeance! Check out the new and improved version of his website and don't forget to upload your latest QB projects to Pete's new download section!

Antz Entertainment
GBGames QBasic
HyperRealistic Games
Jocke the Beast
Pete's QBasic Site
Pickers Games Website
Piptol Productions
Programmer's Heaven
QB Colony
QB Chronicles
QB: Cult Magazine
QBasic/QuickBasic News
QBasic Contest
Statto Software


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