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Updated November 20, 2004

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Pete's QBasic Site is Back!
(7/30/2004) After a hiatus since 2000, Pete Berg is back in a big way, with an unbelieveable overhaul to his website and a message to the QB gaming world!

Pete rocked the gaming world during QB's golden age, and now he's gonna do it again.

On October 12th, 1998, long before V Planet became the "first 100% QuickBasic Game Review Magazine", there was already another QB game review site on the Internet, serving fresh QB news daily, writing up QB game reviews, and even giving programming tutorials for programmers. This amazing website, Pete's QBasic Site, was one of the great sparks for QB programmers and for QB gaming, while also providing inspiration for other QB game sites (our site included) to materialize.

For over a year and a half, Pete's QBasic Site updated daily with a fresh supply of QB news, reviews, and links (a feat no other self-automated QB site has accomplished to date). Then, in 2000, Pete's QBasic Site webmaster Pete Berg passed the website to Indigo Fox. Drained by daily updating and the growing size and popularity of the website, Pete needed some time to physically recover and concentrate on his social life. After a final post by Indigo Fox in January of 2001, Pete's QBasic Site became idle for three years. Given the fate of most websites that sit still for that long, it had long since been assumed that the run of the popular QB gaming magazine was over.

But Pete's QBasic Site is not your normal website. Invigorated by college web programming classes and the presence of QB programmers throughout the QB community who helped to inspire the original version of his site, Pete began to build a new version of Pete's QBasic Site with the goal of re-launching a new and improved version of the magazine. Said Berg through the Neozones forums:

"I got so I was addicted to web programming for a few months. Then one day I was thinking 'Hey, I should go check out that whole QB thing-a-majigger I used to do'.... so I went to my old website, checked out a few of the other sites I remember from back in the day... and then I came up with a crazy idea--to redo my QB site so that it is automated...updated by the users....and always current... but takes NO maintenance from me (because I'm one lazy S.O.B.) That's my goal."

So for many months, Pete rebuilt Pete's QBasic site from the ground up to fit this new archetype, and on July 22, 2004 (just a week before his 19th birthday, no less!) the new version of Pete's QBasic Site was launched publically with a welcome message worthy of winning the presidency. A short excerpt from Pete's message is shown below:

"I didn't look back until last December, when I was searching the Internet and decided to go check out the old QB Community that I was once such an active member of. A lot of my old QB buddies had moved on...but a lot of them were still there, like always, posting away on message boards, helping newbies, and working on new QB projects. I also took a look at all of the awesome programs that had been released in my absence and the fall of a lot of old QB sites...and the rise of new ones to replace them.

"I also took a look at my old site and remembered all the good times I had, and all the friends I'd made through QBasic.

"After a few days of pondering, remembering, I decided that I had to revamp my site and return it to its former glory. It was too great of a resource, too important to the QB community, for me to let it sit there, rotting away. So I started the long process of re-doing the old site and making it even better than it was before..."

The new Pete's QBasic Site can be found at .

With a new look and functionality that simply has to be seen to be believed, Pete definitely lives up to the promise of making Pete's QBasic Site better than it ever was before. With 315 QB links, reviews of over 90 games and 15 assorted utilities, game engines, and graphics examples, and it's archive of QB tutorials, QB Comics, and the QBasic Dance, everything that made Pete's QBasic Site so great is back and ready for business. But on top of that, Pete's QBasic Site now comes with a new script-automated system that allows users to upload QB news, programs, FAQs, reviews, and links directly to the website, which is sure to make Pete's QBasic Site one of the premiere places for the QB community for years to come.

While we've made no secret of anxiously waiting for Pete's return (see here and here), it's great to see one of the biggest and most enjoyable QB game websites back in action. Welcome back Pete!

Article written by V Planet Staff

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V Planet! Archive
This is an archive of V Planet, circa November 2004, when the site was last active. This is read-only, and preserved here as part of the QB Zines Archive at Pete's QB Site.

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