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Connect Four


"Tic Tac Toe's bigger brother has grown up and he's going to QB"

Connect Four has been an all-time favorite among Elementary students and Tic Tac Toe cults across the globe, and Milton Bradley has capitalized on the product by selling their board game for generation upon generations of happy children. Now QBChris brings Connect Four to QuickBasic!

Choose from English or German language and enter a tournament against a savvy collection of Computer-controlled opponents! Try to stack four discs horizontally, vertically, or diagonally while preventing your opponent from doing the same. Do you have what it takes to Connect four?

Graphics (n.)
The use of animation and visual effects to stimulate the senses
While there's nothing bad about it, Connect Four doesn't really shoot for complexity in terms of graphics. The entire game takes place on a nice, blue board and the discs come in red and yellow colors. It would have been nice to see something a little more than that to help individualize this spinoff of the board game classic, though.
Sound/Music (n.)
The smooth blend of atmospheric sounds and original harmonies
N/A Connect Four is a chip off the old block of Milton Bradley's collection of fine games, but you won't be able to hear as much as a chip off the shoulder in this game.
Gameplay (n.)The precision of control and involvement of character within its universe (Very Poor) If you've never played Connect Four in your life, this QB game plays very much like it's board game chum. You're given a 7X7 grid, and your mission is to stack discs down each of the grid's seven columns, hoping that you can get four of your discs stacked horizontally, vertically, or diagonally to each other a la Tic Tac Toe. There's only one catch: A computer-controlled opponent takes turn with you, and the AI plans to stop you and connect four for itself. The result is a pumped up one-on-one Tic Tac Toe game against a computer-controlled opponent.

According to the help file, Connect Four is supposed to come with some other options, including 1 on 1 battles and Tournament play. Unfortunately, the Options menu is seriously underdeveloped. I had a hard time accessing any of these options, which overall hurt the Gameplay score of this game.

Story (n.)
The creativity and presentation of the game's critical plot
(Very Poor) This version of Connect Four doesn't come with a story. But honestly, I think it's impossible to work a storyline into a Connect Four game.
Replay Value (n.)
The timelessness of the gamer's delight, such that the experience can be repeated again and again
(Very Poor) It's very hard to get a round of Connect Four started off with the Installation program and the program itself. It requires some skillful navigation through an EXE file and through Microsoft Quickbasic. If the game setup was a little more friendly, then it would easy to give replay value points for a Connect Four game. 
Challenge (v.)
To strike the mental nerve in such a way as to stimulate human thought and reflexes
(Very Poor) The computer's way too easy! I was under the impression that the computer AI was built so that you are guaranteed victory every single time you play. I read in the Instruction manual that there is a way to increase the difficulty level of this game, but because the navigation through the Options menu is so cryptic, I had a hard time finding the Difficulty settings. Some of the buttons in the option menu don't even have a title!
Fun Factor (n.)
The overall entertainment value as maintained throughout the adventure
When I was playing Connect Four, I had a feeling like I was in the middle of the Tower of Bab-il. Whether I set the language mode to English or German, there was very little text or instructions within the game, so I had a very difficult time even getting a match of Connect Four to start, which is the main reason why the Replayi Value, Gameplay, and Replay Value scores are so low. It's simply one of those rare instances where poor installation and navigation procedures hurt the game.

But once I did get to start a round of Connect Four, it was kind of fun to see this board game classic immortalized in QuickBasic.

Players 1 player Genre: Puzzle Game
Rating To solve: N/A Final Rating: 3/35

To download this game, click here.
Installation Tips
wTo play Connect Four, you must have any version of Microsoft Quickbasic.
wOnce "VIER.ZIP" is unzipped, make sure you read "4HELPENG.TXT". It will help you figure out how to use Connect Four's set-up program.
wRun "4SETUP.EXE" to setup Connect Four.
wConnect Four requires the library "QB.QLB" to run. Make sure you access Quickbasic by typing "QB /L".
wOnce Microsoft Quickbasic is loaded, run "4LANG.BAS" to play Connect Four.

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